Meeting Minutes: 21 February 2011

  1. Promotional Materials
  2. Financial Report
  3. Politician’s Dinner
  4. Eat, Drink, Be Controversial
  5. Public Policy School
  6. Website Reminders
  7. Strategic Plan Review
  8. Radio Show Updates
  9. Book Swap Updates
  10. Upcoming Political Visits
  11. Reading Break/Media Talk
  12. First Year Mentorship Program

Location: Clubs Room
Members Present: Heather Ritchie, Jeff Kormos, Sean Aldridge, Kelley Ware, Brian Daszko, Czarina Pacaide

Meeting called to order at 3:10PM by Brian Daszko, President.

1) Promotional Materials

  • No updates.

2) Financial Report

  • Marissa will give one next week.

3) Politician’s Dinner

  • No updates.

4) Eat, Drink, Be Controversial

  • The event will be postponed.
  • No plan yet on what is to occur.

5) Public Policy School

  • Brian Daszko informed the Association that he has the documents regarding the Public Policy Masters program of the University of Alberta. Interested members are asked to either talk to Brian or check the club drawer for the materials.
  • Brian Daszko will transfer the documents to the club drawer.

6) Website Reminders

  • The website is constantly being updated. This is just a reminder to check the website for meeting minutes, event announcements, and so forth.

7) Strategic Plan Review

  • Eat, Drink, Be Controversial (EDC) has so far been successful despite random events preventing EDC from occurring.
  • Pub Night has not occurred last semester nor will it occur this February. Brian Daszko suggested that the club may partner with UNBC United Northern Beverage Connoisseurs to conduct a fundraising event. Nothing concrete has been planned as the Association needs to further look into tradeoffs of hosting such an event.
  • Heather Ritchie will look into creating fun, political events.
  • The Joint ISSA/PSSA/Model UN event went well.
  • Philosophy Talks have not happened yet. Brian Daszko will send an e-mail to Dr. Tracy Summerville and Dr. Boris DeWiel to gauge interest.
  • The PSSA had two Annual General Meetings. We will continue to specifically recruit people as a broad-based campaign has proved ineffective. Dr. DeWeil has spoked to Dr. Summerville who has agreed to speak to some of her first year students.

8 ) Radio Show Updates

  • Sean Aldridge will update the Association more once his radio volunteer hours are completed.

9) Book Swap Updates

  • The current plan can be seen here. As ideas are still being fleshed out, the project plan is not yet available for public viewing. If members are interested in being part of the planning process or in viewing the current draft, they are asked to e-mail unbcpssa @

10) Upcoming Political Visits

  • Some NDP politicians are coming up to Prince George. Their events are on Facebook. We will put up a consolidated list as soon as possible.
  • Jerrilyn Schembri, candidate for the federal Conservative Party Prince George/Peace River Riding nomination will be in Prince George on Friday. Once Brian Daszko has confirmed the details, he will post them on the website.

11) Reading Break/Media Talk

  • The PSSA has been getting media requests lately. The Association will forward opportunities to members and will also draft guidelines to members representing the Assocation, mainly in regards to mentioning the Association during media presentations.
  • Jeff Kormos will draft a press release template for PSSA events.
  • If members are really keen to be made aware of media events as soon as they come up, please forward your name to unbcpssa @

12) First Year Mentorship Program Update

  • Sean Aldridge will work on a volunteer list for the next few weeks with the aim of 15-20 volunteers.
  • Aldridge will also talk to professors in order to implement the program next year.

Meeting adjourned at 3:52 PM.
Meeting minutes submitted by Czarina Pacaide.

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