Jerrilyn Schembri at UNBC (Recap & Pictures!)

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This is a guest post by Rob Currie-Wood, President of the UNBC Young Conservatives. He can be reached at curriewr @

Jerrilyn Schembri gave a great presentation to the PSSA regarding her candidacy for the Conservative Party in the Prince George-Peace River riding.

Jerrilyn is on the Union of British Columbia Municipalities where they discuss relevant issues. She is a very memorable person towering in at about 6′ 5”, which would make her a dominating MP in Parliament.

Jerrilyn’s main point to the PSSA is that she wants to listen to all the groups in the riding to ensure the best result for issues in the North. This was a great thing to hear for she will not ignore a group she does not agree with–which I think is important.

Jerrilyn is from Tumbler Ridge and wouldn’t live anywhere else. She has had the option to move to Australia where her husband is from or to Alberta, but she loves the North and wants to work hard for it to prosper.

She would make a great Conservative candidate and I wish her the best of luck!

[UNBC PSSA Note: To make your own opinions on Jerrilyn Schembri, her platform can be seen at]
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