Minutes for January 9, 2013

In attendance: Kelley, Megan, Rob, Marissa, Morgan, Adam, Nils, Mark (was late)

Called to order at 10:12

Clubs week 16th and 17th we need people to sit

Kelley got an email concerning this year’s scholarship, we are short for money and we need a fundraiser for it. Suggestions are pub night at the moose and fancy beer night at Nancy-O’s

A couple of politicians are coming to town. Justin Trudeau on January 23rd, Clint asked for our help with this. Stockwell Day will be here the next day. James More will be here on the 24th too. We like the idea of advertising for this

We will be cutting the CPSSA cheques when Gerald next shows up.

The Yellowhead Rotary club is potentially making a donation.

Is Tracy still interested in doing a scholar lunch? We will find out, possibly James Tully.

Politicians dinner is at the end of April, semi-formal speaking event where we invite as many politicians as we can. We need to contact Clarke now. Tentatively it will be on April 18th. Kelley will start to send out invites.

Kelley wants a pub night in March sometime. We are looking for a theme.

EDC for this month. Hunger strikes?

Justice minister talk about the women’s report released recently. The minister of Justice is one of our local MLAs.

Elections are supposed to be held in March.

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