First Meeting of the Year!

In attendance: Kelley, Mark (briefly), Megan, Adam, Morgan, Michala, Seth, Nikita, Corinne, David, Gerald was late, Chelsea (also was late), Laura, Camilla, Shohei

Called to order at 1:01

Gerald was late


US Consul General and Public Affairs Officer meeting was nice. They talked about doing talks through skype or some similar technology. This might be good for an EDC.

EDC topics: Syria and Chemical Weapons with Dr. Young, we will look at this one.

AGM: September 30th is a Monday, this would be a good time to get 1st years.  Gerald will look at getting a room

Model UN: this had died as a club, Gerald wants to run this as a joint project between a number of Student Societies. Megan has the ISSA on board, Morgan will talk to History, Gerald will talk to the debate society.

The clubs room: what should be done with the books, De Weil donated them so we maybe should get his clearance before we do anything.

FB, Website and Whatnot, we need to get these properly updated with the podcast.

A couple requests from the faculty. Upper division students connecting with grad students and alumni for the purposes of mentorship

Pub night, goal is one per semester. This one will be joint with the Medieval Club, it will be Game of Thrones Themed on Tuesday October 15th. There will be a costume contest, trivia, bobbleheads and whatnot.

CPSSA, we will start focus on this early. This is a yearly conference held in late January. This one is in London, Ontario on International Justice. We will be presenting a bid again, we want to send between four and eight delegates. Cost estimates are $300 for the conference and Air Canada has flights for $600 right now.

We need a name for the podcast, email us your suggestions or talk to someone.

Nikita is the new First Year Rep! Yay!

Chelsea suggested bowling. We will do something like what the NHSS does. We will make a play on the name Bowling Alone.

Meeting adjourned

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