Meeting of September 26th

In attendance: Kelley, Adam, Jeff, Jordan, Nakita, Gerald, Morgan, Michala,

Called to order at 1:05

AGM, will be on Monday at 5:30, we need to buy pizza, some vegetarian, just order random pizza. An executive decision will be made. Nakita will talk to the POLS 100 people.

Dr. Young has been contacted about EDC but we haven’t heard from him yet.

The Fraser Institute has invited some people to a student seminar for public policy. They pay the expenses down to Vancouver. There is one October 18-20, the deadline has passed but has been extended, the second is January 31 to February 1.

Contact info: enquiries at or 1-800-665-3558 ext. 533

MUN has not gotten any further yet, we are talking to interested groups.

Books, clubs hearings are going on so Kelley will be getting rid of them next week, until then it is a free for all.

Podcast, we are having a hard time getting it up. Jordan suggests SoundCloud. Adam hopes to have it up by the weekend.

Game of Thrones Pub night on October 15th. Gerald is on prizes for the contests. Pedra is on posters and FB, we need to book a table and print tickets. It is coming along nicely

Gary seems interested in the Bowling Night idea. The idea is late October or late November, right after midterms. Saturday nights maybe, and which bowling lanes? We will be doing 5 pin to be patriotic. Morgan is on posters for the bowling night.

CPSSA, we apologize to our youngsters who could not go to the social events but it really is missing a lot of the experience if you can’t. It is really nice though so we will support anyone’s decision to go. The external can’t provide any funding but he has forwarded the application to the provost. The faculty is continuing to be supportive. We should also contact those involved in the centennial of the city and the anniversary of the University. Jeff will help put up one hell of a presentation.

Meeting adjourned

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