Meeting, October 3

In attendance: Kelley, Gerald, Morgan 1, Morgan 2, Nakita, Chelsea, Megan, Seth, Corinne, Adam, Ana is looking after the table for us.


Called to order at 1:05

Congratulations to our now official executive members!

Constitutional amendments did pass, Morgan will put it up on the website and give it to Amyrillis[?]

We finally got our podcast up, it is now time for another one. We want to interview Lacharite about the US shutdown.

EDC, we forgot to re-email Dr. Young. Assad is no longer controversial. New Idea “What the f*** is up America” or we could just wait a month and something else will go wrong in Syria. Greece=Germany? US shutdown will be the EDC. We will ask Dr. Young. Podcast will be Greece.

We still need to clear out the books, take what you want

Game of Thrones Pub Night, we have about 15 tickets paid for. Costs seem to be covered by now, this looks like a money-maker. Event will run 6 to close.

Bake Sale? We should, money for CPSSA. We should try for the NUGSS AGM again, more traffic.

Clubs Room situation? Might be in the AGM…

Bowling night, Dr. Wilson seems to like this, it will be brought up at the next faculty meeting. We will put this in November sometime.

MUN has been forwarded to various clubs, we will be setting up a formal framework now.

CPSSA: We hope we can get more funding this time, we will also have to fundraise ourselves. Also plane tickets to London are cheap right now.

Young Liberals are hosting a partisan event tonight at Riley’s, starts at 6.

Meeting adjourned

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