Meeting, October 10

In attendance: Kelley, Adam, Anna, Morgan, Tey, Michala, Morgan, Nakita, Gerald, Corinne, Seth said hi, Megan


Called to order at 1:05

EDC, Dr. Young will do it on Thursday so the meeting might be cancelled if it conflicts. It will be on the US shutdown, posters will be up (Adam) when the time is set.

Bowling, still waiting for a faculty meeting to get the green light.

Bake sale: NUGSS AGM will be soon, we will try to do it then.

MUN: people seem to be on board, we need a mailing list and some means of forming committees. Fundraising will probably come mostly from sponsorship. Email Kelley if you are interested.

Game of Thrones Pub night is going well. The Source is sponsoring (Thank you Tey), we will get better prizes. Tey will also be doing tickets. 52 tickets have been sold.

PSSA pub night individually, near the end of semester, at Reilly’s. The last Monday or Tuesday might be best, we will get a DJ or a band. Theme is Post-Apocalyptic stuff!

CPSSA, prices for airfair are going up, it’s still not bad. Registration will be up in about a week and a half. We will have our budget ready soon. The external office will not donate anything, this was then forwarded prematurely to the Provost and therefore we did not get as much as last year, about half. Kelley is trying to find a diplomatic solution. Dr. Wilson looks like he is willing to give more this year though. We will contact the Dean, President and INTS faculty too. Email Kelley to know what the numbers are for budgeting.

The Bid, we didn’t get it because it was our first bid, we were up against a school that had bids under their belt and it was in BC last year. We still want to go with Arctic Sovereignty.

Meeting adjourned

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