Meeting, October 17

In attendance: Kelley, Gerald, Morgan, Seth, Megan, Anna, Adam

Called to order at 1:10


Pub night went pretty well for a Tuesday, we made around $137.

EDC also went well, 11 people, good turnout.

Dr. Young also suggested that we look into a candidate’s debate for Dick Harris’s seat (he is retiring soon apparently)

The NUGSS AGM, when will this be?

Podcast, it is up, very different from the one before. Gerald was hilarious. Topics?

MUN, two emails have been gotten, we’re compiling a list of emails for communication. We will send out a mass email to ask for subcommittee volunteers.

CPSSA, we need some sort of list for interested people now. This is important for budgeting. We don’t want to lose people to cost concerns. Provost funding is after the fact and this could be an issue. We will send out a doodle or something for the subcommittee for the delegates. Costs for the conference will be properly released by the end of the month we think.

Meeting adjourned

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