The Meeting

In attendance: Kelley, Seth, Anna, Morgan2, Anna, Adam, Corinne, Gerald, Jeff, Megan, Morgan1

Called to order at 1:02

EDC went well, not as big a turnout but still not bad. We have preemptively decided on talking about NUGSS, Kelley is apprehensive about this. This would be on the 21st. We will try to get a NUGSS member or a former one to host this.

The AGM is next Thursday (meeting will be cancelled due to bake sale) we have our necessary delegation but anyone who wants to is free to show up.

The third podcast went well and Lacharite suggested a couple of future topics. Dr. Murphy to talk about multiculturalism was one. Also, Canada’s role in international affair, BC/Alberta agreements. The next podcast will aim for 2:30 next Friday. Our SoundCloud account is full now. We could pay to get more storage. Gerald will check to see if we can afford this. We need to figure out about a better format for this. Pay for SoundCloud or try Youtube (difficult)?

MUN only about 2/3 of people replied to the doodle. We will set a time, like it or not. This is looking difficult for the moment. To do this this year it will be a lot of work and we might not have the time to accomplish this.

Post-Apocalyptic Pub Night on December 2. Riley’s is booked, yay! Entertainment is looking like it should be no problem. $5 tickets seem about right. Coasters? Can we afford to do this for every pub night? Not for this one.

Dr. Wilson has trying to contact the department about bowling. He suggests it is probably good to wait and that we might do curling!

CPSSA, we have a good deal of funding so far. Some regulation changes might mean we get less up front.

It’s officially winter!

Meeting adjourned

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