November 21

In attendance: Kelley, Mark (yay), Seth, Jeff, Adam, Gerald, Morgan

Called to order at 1:05


Bake sale went really well, $150!

Podcasts, get a subscription to SoundCloud? Yes.

EDC went over alright, the next one might not have an outright lead speaker, Jeff could. There is actually a lot of controversy over this. Will we get someone to lead? Keep bugging people. Adam will get posters out.

We will need to book a table and print tickets for the end of the world pub night, billed as the last day of classes.

MUN, no one is getting back to Kelley except Morgan1. This will be put on hold.

Faculty meeting this morning, most people are kind of reluctant but Dr. Summerville has invited the PSSA to dinner.

Our website, how many hits do we get? Can we make a forum that people could sign up to? This is a goal which the faculty put forward. We should also get the website put on the UNBC site. We will look into this.

CPSSA, we just need all the info and cheques and whatnot in.

Bob offered us copies of the BC Hansard Paper from the ‘70s

Meeting adjourned

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