Meeting times ect.

Hi everyone! Exciting news! First, we have a meeting time set for Thursdays, 1:00 in the April Price Boardroom, right across from the NUGSS office. Second, the US Consul General to Vancouver and the US Public Affairs Officer will be at UNBC tomorrow. We can meet with them at 1:00 in Admin 1069.

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We’re Back!

Hi everyone, another year is upon us. We have yet to set a date for our meetings but be on the lookout for us on clubs day, the 11th and 12th.

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The Politician’s Dinner

We are now selling tickets to the Politician’s Dinner. They are available at the PSSA table in the Winter Garden and the UNBC Bookstore. If you cannot make it to one of our convenient locations you can email us, our address is listed under “Contact Us” and we will be happy to reserve one for you!

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The Last Meeting of the Year

In attendance: Kelley, Mark, Morgan, Gerald, Adam

Called to order at 10:02

We have a Green Candidate who has been invited. We are looking good for all of the Candidates running in the Prince George ridings. We are on top of tickets and posters, we have an fb event and we will do some email stuff too. Hummus Brothers is set to go. We will make a total of 40 tickets.

We made 235 on the Post-Soviet Bloc Party, not bad. Carlson suggested occupy v. wall street for next time.

Thank you everyone! It’s been a great year and we look forward to another one next year.

Meeting adjourned.

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The Second to Last Meeting of the Year

In attendance: Kelley, Gerald, Morgan, Megan, not Mark, Adam

Called to order at 10:01

Thank you to Jeff for giving us a lockable cash box

EDC update, it is at 11:30 in the upper caf

Pub Night, will be sober. Shifts, Adam, Gerald, Morgan. We will probably sell most of the tickets at the door. Those volunteering should be there at 7:00-7:30

Politician’s Dinner, tickets? Posters? Need these for Monday/Tuesday. Call backs? Who wants to make an electronic invitation? Mark is probably on this.

Finances, we got the MAC funding, we are spending at least 440 dollars on the thing, we might run a surplus depending upon the Pub Night revenues. We have enough in the bank to not go into debt over this.

New Business? Marshall Smith will be contacted in the near future.

Meeting adjourned.

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March 20

In attendance: Morgan, Gerald, Kelley, Adam, Mark, Megan

Called to order at 10:05

EDC, Lacharite said he would do it but would like some more clarification. Topic: why attack ads are good.

We have the pub and drink specials booked. We will start selling tickets next Monday. Mark is on posters and tickets. Coasters are going well.

Politician’s dinner, we will need to talk to MAC, tickets will be sold and a table booked for the first week of April. Prices and menu to be set after budgeting.

We will be putting on an event with Marshal Smith, informal, sort of a discussion thing. 

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Minutes for March 13

In attendance: Morgan, Kelley, Chelsea, Gerald, Mark, Adam, Megan (The Entire Exec!)

We all congratulate Mark on his appointment to NUGSS

Called to order at 10:04

EDC update, Kelley just emailed Lacharite

Shoebox thing, we are still in, they have not emailed us back yet

Lead Now thing, Megan went, there will be canvassing.

Pols 320 is releasing research tomorrow at one in the senate chambers, everyone is invited.

Pub nights, Adam will talk to Reilly’s about drink specials, Mark is on Coasters.

Sherry Osawa has confirmed for the Politician’s Dinner, Bobby Deepak is in communication.

Symposium, march 25, for the economics society, it will be in the NUSC with free pizza at three thirty. The topic is social media.

We will soon be beginning to budget for the politician’s dinner.

Mark is looking for volunteers for the BC Liberals.

Meeting adjourned

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Minutes for February 27

In attendance: Morgan, Adam, Mark, Gerald, Kelley

Called to order at 10:10

SGU thing with lead now, Rob looked into it and the literature is very strongly implying a particular party so we, as an organization cannot get behind it.

Valentine’s Day card we made around $65, better than the Election pub night.

There is a box campaign for something, boxes cost $16, this is run by the Christian Fellowship. Can we help with this? We will donate $16 for a box.

EDC, we will do it March 6th, it will be our last one. Ideas? Federal parties using party money for partisan advertising.

Politician’s dinner, we have some replies, councilors have confirmed. Hummus Bros have not gotten back to us yet. Gerald will also talk to the Caribou.

Elections, Kelley moves that we start the nomination period now. We might rent a ballot box or do an email ballot again.

Pub night: Is march 29th at Reilly’s. Post-Soviet Bloc Party. Reilly’s offered DJ services. We will have coasters again, including Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin and a special limited edition Shirted-Putin. Medvedev will be present but everyone will ignore him.

Meeting adjourned

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Minutes for February 6

In attendance: Rob, Kelley, Chelsea, Morgan, Jeff, Nils

Called to order at 10:10

Pub night, will try for march 8 in the moose, if moose is not available then we will go to Reilly’s. Theme: Post-Soviet Bloc Party.

EDC, Fake hunger strikes went well, didn’t spiral horribly out of control. Next one, possibly last week of February. Budget might be a good one. Mali, Environment cuts.

Bond will not come this week, so far it is not looking good, the House resumes on Tuesday.

PGSAC, there is little response from other groups, Rob is meeting with people to try and drum up support.

Scholar lunch, also not looking good, if it goes it will be at the end of the semester. We could invite our own scholar.

Fancy Beer night, no update.

Politician’s dinner, Hummus Bros.? We want to get the venue set before we start contacting too many people. We will be going after provincial people and some councilors, anyone who is running in this area. We should start contacting these people soon. Kelley is going to contact council, Morgan will contact Christie Clark, John Cummings, Rob will contact Pat Bell and Shirley Bond. We will email them in a preliminary fashion. April 20th is the date.

Other Fundraisers: no ideas

Model UN: way too late to even try this.

Are there any people submitting essays for the scholarship? Not yet.

Motion to change the wording of the constitution to remove the word undergrad from the scholarship section at the next meeting when we have quorum.

Jeff will talk with the ISSA and arrange a teleconference with our Russian counterparts, does anyone want to do this? We don’t want to limit it to anyone single club or department.

Meeting Adjourned

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Minutes and Conference Update

As many have already heard, we did not get the bid to host CPSSA 2014. But do not despair, we will not give up on this! Overall the conference was an excellent experience, we learned a lot and partied hard. Shirts were ruined and anyone who is interested should strongly consider going next year to Ontario.

But without further ado, here are the Minutes:

In attendance: Gerald, Jeff, Kelley, Megan, Adam, Morgan, Mark, Rob

Called to order at 10:13

How did CPSSA go? Sadly we did not get the bid. Western got it on the strength of their speakers and because Ontario has not had it in a decade.

We have a facebook account but no one knows the password. We will have to try and get it from Czarina. Morgan will be in charge of that, we should be more active with it too.

EDC is at 11:30 today, we are expecting lively debate!

Shirley Bond, her event will not be on the first, Rob suggested the eighth. Confirmation will come on Saturday. If this can’t work we should scrap it because it will be too late to really do this effectively.

Fancy Beer Night? Rob has delegated this to someone who has yet to be named, we will find out about this tomorrow. We are trying to work something out with the Young Liberals.

Scholar lunch might not be on, we will see.

PGSAC: met two weeks ago, we need to inc academic breadth in this.

Pub night, we might have to move this, theme? Riley’s v. Moose? In an effort to be nice we might move ours back to the 15th. Western AlieNation!

Premier’s dinner, Rob is collecting volunteers, this is a partisan event. Volunteers get food and a photo-op with the premier. Requires signing up membership, ushering and handling auction items. Great for networking.

Politicians dinner on the 20th. We need to start contacting people. Shirley Bond, Pat Bell, the NDP candidates whose names I won’t even try to spell. The Leaders of the Provincial parties. BC politicians will be in campaign mode so it might be easier to get them. MPs, MLA’s, campaign managers.

Extra fundraisers? Bake sale? MAC funding? We need to properly budget this out this time. Hummus Brothers or Caribou maybe?

Meeting Adjourned 

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