PSSA Constitution

Constitution of the UNBC Political Science Association

Article I: Name of the Association

  1. The name of the Association is the UNBC Political Science Student Association (PSSA).

Article II: Mandate and Purpose of the Association

  1. The UNBC PSSA will work to promote an active political atmosphere on campus. The Association will endeavour to provide a forum and facilitate an environment that encourages students to voice their respective political opinions.

Article III: Dissolution of the Association

  1. In the event of the dissolution of the Association, after paying or adequately providing for its debts and obligations, the Association shall divert any remaining assets to the Northern Undergraduate Student Society (NUGSS). This provision is unalterable.

Article IV: Members of the Association

  1. Every person is a Member, who meets one of the following criteria:

a)           Registered as a Political Science (major, minor, or joint major) undergraduate student at the University,

b)           Has joined the PSSA and is a student in good standing, and/or,

c)           Has joined the PSSA with the approval of the Executive of the PSSA.

  1. Every member shall uphold the constitution and comply with the bylaws.
  2. A person shall cease to be a Member of the Association:

a)           By delivering their resignation in either in writing or through verbal affirmation to the executive;

b)           Upon completion of their course of studies at UNBC;

c)           On being expelled;

d)          Who is not registered with the Registrar as a student.

  1. The following shall not be a factor in determining whether a person is a member in good standing:

a)           Academic Probation;

b)           Payment of tuition fees or other fees administered by the University or NUGSS other than membership dues and other fees collected on behalf of the Association and its members, if applicable.

Article V: Meetings of the Members

  1. An Annual General Meeting of the PSSA shall be held at such a time and place, in accordance with the wishes and desires of the membership; preference is during the month of September.
  2.  Regular meetings of the Executive shall be held at the discretion of the President and the Executive.
  3. An extraordinary general meeting can be convened by:

a)           the discretion of the President and the Executive; or

b)           the demand of at least 5% of the members.

  1. Notice of general meetings shall specify the place, date and time of the meeting, and in the case of special business, the general nature of that business.
  2. The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to, or non-receipt of a notice by any of the members entitled to receive does invalidate proceedings at the meeting.
  3. Robert’s Rules shall be used to conduct annual general meetings unless indicated in the bylaws.
  4. General Meetings of the Club and Executive shall be conducted in a manner at the President’s Discretion

Article VI: Powers and Duties of the Executive

  1. The President:

a)           Shall chair meetings of the Members and the Executive

b)            Shall act to represent Political Science students at Political Science faculty meetings;

c)           Shall ensure the smooth operation of the association.

d)          Shall perform other such duties as may be requested by the Executive from time to time.

e)           Subject to the approval of the club prior to elections, a Co-President position may be created for the upcoming term to share the duties of the President.

  1. The VP-External:

a)           Shall act as liaison and encourage positive relations with other student organizations;

b)           Shall be an official media spokesperson for the Association;

c)           Shall perform other such duties as may be requested by the Executive from time to time.

  1. The VP-Internal:

a)           Shall take minutes at meetings and keep a record of such minutes;

b)           Shall submit minutes to the VP Student Affairs of NUGSS every semester;

c)           Shall perform other such duties as may be requested by the Executive from time to time.

  1. The VP-Finance:

a)           Shall prepare or cause to prepare the financial statements of the Association;

b)           Shall keep bills, receipts and vouchers and be responsible for all monies received and disbursed by the Association;

c)           Shall submit financial statements to the NUGSS VP Finance every semester;

d)          Shall perform other such duties as may be requested by the Executive from time to time.

  1. The First Year Representative:

a)           Shall act as a representative for First Year students in the Association;

b)           Shall perform other such duties as may be requested by the Executive from time to time.

  1. The Initiative Directors:

a)           Shall be responsible for organizing major annual events of the Association;

b)           Shall perform other such duties as may be requested by the Executive from time to time.

Article VII: General Rules for the Election of the Executive

  1. Voting shall be held by secret ballot. The person receiving a majority of votes shall be elected.
  2. No candidate may be involved in running and/or overseeing the election procedures.
  3. The executive has the power to call a by-election at any other time of the year that regular classes are in session.
  4. The term of office is for a period of one school year. Heretofore and herafter, “one school year” is defined as spring, summer, fall and winter semesters.

Article VIII: Election of the President and Vice-Presidents

  1. Elections shall take place in the time period between the Monday of the last week of February and the Friday of the first week of March.
  2. The vote shall take place in a public area within the university visible to the membership.
  3. There must be a nomination period of 5 school days. Candidates must submit intent to run during the nomination period.
  4. There must be an all-candidate forum 1 day before the election where the membership can ask questions of the candidates. At the place of voting, there shall be a short biography of all the candidates running.
  5. The terms of office shall begin in April.
  6. To be elected to the position of President or any of the Vice-President positions, the candidate must have attended five consecutive meetings during the school year of the election.

Article IX: Of the Remainder of the Executive

  1. Elections shall take place during the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Candidates may submit intent to run during the Annual General Meeting.
  3. The terms of office shall begin after the Annual General Meeting is over.

Article X: Executive Reviews

  1. A review to determine the performance of the Executive shall be performed in mid-October and mid-March.
  2. After missing three consecutive meetings, an Executive member’s status in the club will be questioned through vote. The ruling of at least 2/3 of the Executive will be final.
    1. For transparency and accountability reasons, the Vice President Internal may note the proceedings of the reviews.

Article XI: Finances

  1. There shall be two (2) signing officers who may sign on behalf of the Association, one of which must the VP Finance.
  2. The finances of the organization must be handled exclusively by the organization and kept separate from any other group
  3. Any surplus resulting from the yearly operations of the group should be transferred to reserve for future use and no part of the surplus should be payable to any member.

Article XII: Strategic Plan

  1. The Executive shall create a Strategic Plan for their term detailing proposed activities and events that the Executive wishes to implement.
  2. The projected Budget shall be attached with the Strategic Plan.
  3. The Strategic Plan shall be finished in September, with preference to the second week of September.

Article XIII: Constitution and Bylaws

  1. On being admitted to membership, each Member is entitled to and the Association shall give him or her a copy of the constitution and bylaws of the Association. The Association retains the right to charge a sum, not exceeding one dollar, for a copy of the constitution and bylaws of the Association.
  2. The Bylaws shall only be amended by a special resolution requiring at least 75% approval of the general membership at a General Meeting.