Hallowe’en Minutes

In attendance: Kelley, Corinne, Morgan1, Morgan2, Gerald, Nakita, Seth, Adam was not late, Megan was

Called to order at 1:08


Podcast tomorrow, Dr. Lacharite will be talking about Canadian Identity. The numbers don’t matter but if anyone wants to show up then do so.

Next Pub night, we are waiting to hear back from Riley’s.

Bowling, Dr. Wilson is shooting this past the rest of the faculty to see when would work best.

Compiled list of CPSSA people.

Bake sale will be on the 14th. Kelley just needs people to sit during the AGM.

EDC, Morris will be doing it on the senate and why it’s awesome! We’re shooting for around noon. Preferably Thursday, if not, then Wednesday. Adam will get posters up for next week.

Those who post things using PSSA accounts are reminded to use proper spelling and grammar.

CPSSA meetings are still on Mondays at 2.

MUN people, we have most of the list and will send things out shortly.

Meeting adjourned.

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