October 24th Meeting

In attendance: Kelley, Adam, Morgan, Nakita, Michala, Anna, Morgan, Megan, Gerald

Called to order at 1:03


Pub night at Riley’s will be on December 2nd.

MUN, emails are coming in, if anyone else wants in then email Kelley.

CPSSA, subcommittee has met, things are starting to move forwards. Grant has suggested some people we should submit sponsorship packages to in town.

Bowling, Dr. Wilson is out, will get to us next week  possibly, we want to do this in the  last three weeks of November. Selina sent us an email saying the faculty would cover the costs, which is nice.

Podcasts, we want to interview Lacharite, we have not contacted him yet, topic probably on Canadian Identity. Adam  will talk to Lacharite later today.

EDC, topic could be the senate scandals with Jason Morris. Broad or specific and controversial. We will be going devil’s advocate: Why the Senate should stay?

Bake sale, AGM will be November 14th. This is a Thursday. We might have the meeting then.

Meeting adjourned

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