First Meeting of the New Semester

PSSA minutes for meeting of January 9th


Present;  Saemz, Corinne, Adam, Megan, Seth, Mark, Kormos,

Absent; Kelly, Gerald, Morgan


CPSSA ; Updates- No further in bid work, awaiting Kelly for further information

Clubs week; Nest week- Need volunteers to work table. Post on Facebook for  open times

Pub night option; middle earth night (dress up hobbit and lord of the rings, trivia, dress up), Vigilante night (superhero ideas and such), Batman night.

Agreed upon Middle earth night: Dress up, Trivia, want to have it before reading break February 7th.  (partner with Medieval club)

Vigilante pub night; 7th of march

bowling/curling night, PSSA group going for diner and such, to touch base with Dr. Summerville. March ish for date.

Elections; AGM has to be done by end of march. Nominations open for all positions, Kormos will look after election details.

E.D.C; topics, Sochi Olympics, International Justice in North Korea ,  politicalization of sports (North Korea and Olympics)

E.D.C January 16th 11:30

Podcast; Security of the Prime Minister, Kormos leading comments. January 17th at 1:00. Participants: Seth, Kormos, Adam


Future agenda

Politician dinner, date and time

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November 21

In attendance: Kelley, Mark (yay), Seth, Jeff, Adam, Gerald, Morgan

Called to order at 1:05


Bake sale went really well, $150!

Podcasts, get a subscription to SoundCloud? Yes.

EDC went over alright, the next one might not have an outright lead speaker, Jeff could. There is actually a lot of controversy over this. Will we get someone to lead? Keep bugging people. Adam will get posters out.

We will need to book a table and print tickets for the end of the world pub night, billed as the last day of classes.

MUN, no one is getting back to Kelley except Morgan1. This will be put on hold.

Faculty meeting this morning, most people are kind of reluctant but Dr. Summerville has invited the PSSA to dinner.

Our website, how many hits do we get? Can we make a forum that people could sign up to? This is a goal which the faculty put forward. We should also get the website put on the UNBC site. We will look into this.

CPSSA, we just need all the info and cheques and whatnot in.

Bob offered us copies of the BC Hansard Paper from the ‘70s

Meeting adjourned

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The Meeting

In attendance: Kelley, Seth, Anna, Morgan2, Anna, Adam, Corinne, Gerald, Jeff, Megan, Morgan1

Called to order at 1:02

EDC went well, not as big a turnout but still not bad. We have preemptively decided on talking about NUGSS, Kelley is apprehensive about this. This would be on the 21st. We will try to get a NUGSS member or a former one to host this.

The AGM is next Thursday (meeting will be cancelled due to bake sale) we have our necessary delegation but anyone who wants to is free to show up.

The third podcast went well and Lacharite suggested a couple of future topics. Dr. Murphy to talk about multiculturalism was one. Also, Canada’s role in international affair, BC/Alberta agreements. The next podcast will aim for 2:30 next Friday. Our SoundCloud account is full now. We could pay to get more storage. Gerald will check to see if we can afford this. We need to figure out about a better format for this. Pay for SoundCloud or try Youtube (difficult)?

MUN only about 2/3 of people replied to the doodle. We will set a time, like it or not. This is looking difficult for the moment. To do this this year it will be a lot of work and we might not have the time to accomplish this.

Post-Apocalyptic Pub Night on December 2. Riley’s is booked, yay! Entertainment is looking like it should be no problem. $5 tickets seem about right. Coasters? Can we afford to do this for every pub night? Not for this one.

Dr. Wilson has trying to contact the department about bowling. He suggests it is probably good to wait and that we might do curling!

CPSSA, we have a good deal of funding so far. Some regulation changes might mean we get less up front.

It’s officially winter!

Meeting adjourned

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Hallowe’en Minutes

In attendance: Kelley, Corinne, Morgan1, Morgan2, Gerald, Nakita, Seth, Adam was not late, Megan was

Called to order at 1:08


Podcast tomorrow, Dr. Lacharite will be talking about Canadian Identity. The numbers don’t matter but if anyone wants to show up then do so.

Next Pub night, we are waiting to hear back from Riley’s.

Bowling, Dr. Wilson is shooting this past the rest of the faculty to see when would work best.

Compiled list of CPSSA people.

Bake sale will be on the 14th. Kelley just needs people to sit during the AGM.

EDC, Morris will be doing it on the senate and why it’s awesome! We’re shooting for around noon. Preferably Thursday, if not, then Wednesday. Adam will get posters up for next week.

Those who post things using PSSA accounts are reminded to use proper spelling and grammar.

CPSSA meetings are still on Mondays at 2.

MUN people, we have most of the list and will send things out shortly.

Meeting adjourned.

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October 24th Meeting

In attendance: Kelley, Adam, Morgan, Nakita, Michala, Anna, Morgan, Megan, Gerald

Called to order at 1:03


Pub night at Riley’s will be on December 2nd.

MUN, emails are coming in, if anyone else wants in then email Kelley.

CPSSA, subcommittee has met, things are starting to move forwards. Grant has suggested some people we should submit sponsorship packages to in town.

Bowling, Dr. Wilson is out, will get to us next week  possibly, we want to do this in the  last three weeks of November. Selina sent us an email saying the faculty would cover the costs, which is nice.

Podcasts, we want to interview Lacharite, we have not contacted him yet, topic probably on Canadian Identity. Adam  will talk to Lacharite later today.

EDC, topic could be the senate scandals with Jason Morris. Broad or specific and controversial. We will be going devil’s advocate: Why the Senate should stay?

Bake sale, AGM will be November 14th. This is a Thursday. We might have the meeting then.

Meeting adjourned

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Meeting, October 17

In attendance: Kelley, Gerald, Morgan, Seth, Megan, Anna, Adam

Called to order at 1:10


Pub night went pretty well for a Tuesday, we made around $137.

EDC also went well, 11 people, good turnout.

Dr. Young also suggested that we look into a candidate’s debate for Dick Harris’s seat (he is retiring soon apparently)

The NUGSS AGM, when will this be?

Podcast, it is up, very different from the one before. Gerald was hilarious. Topics?

MUN, two emails have been gotten, we’re compiling a list of emails for communication. We will send out a mass email to ask for subcommittee volunteers.

CPSSA, we need some sort of list for interested people now. This is important for budgeting. We don’t want to lose people to cost concerns. Provost funding is after the fact and this could be an issue. We will send out a doodle or something for the subcommittee for the delegates. Costs for the conference will be properly released by the end of the month we think.

Meeting adjourned

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Meeting, October 10

In attendance: Kelley, Adam, Anna, Morgan, Tey, Michala, Morgan, Nakita, Gerald, Corinne, Seth said hi, Megan


Called to order at 1:05

EDC, Dr. Young will do it on Thursday so the meeting might be cancelled if it conflicts. It will be on the US shutdown, posters will be up (Adam) when the time is set.

Bowling, still waiting for a faculty meeting to get the green light.

Bake sale: NUGSS AGM will be soon, we will try to do it then.

MUN: people seem to be on board, we need a mailing list and some means of forming committees. Fundraising will probably come mostly from sponsorship. Email Kelley if you are interested.

Game of Thrones Pub night is going well. The Source is sponsoring (Thank you Tey), we will get better prizes. Tey will also be doing tickets. 52 tickets have been sold.

PSSA pub night individually, near the end of semester, at Reilly’s. The last Monday or Tuesday might be best, we will get a DJ or a band. Theme is Post-Apocalyptic stuff!

CPSSA, prices for airfair are going up, it’s still not bad. Registration will be up in about a week and a half. We will have our budget ready soon. The external office will not donate anything, this was then forwarded prematurely to the Provost and therefore we did not get as much as last year, about half. Kelley is trying to find a diplomatic solution. Dr. Wilson looks like he is willing to give more this year though. We will contact the Dean, President and INTS faculty too. Email Kelley to know what the numbers are for budgeting.

The Bid, we didn’t get it because it was our first bid, we were up against a school that had bids under their belt and it was in BC last year. We still want to go with Arctic Sovereignty.

Meeting adjourned

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Meeting, October 3

In attendance: Kelley, Gerald, Morgan 1, Morgan 2, Nakita, Chelsea, Megan, Seth, Corinne, Adam, Ana is looking after the table for us.


Called to order at 1:05

Congratulations to our now official executive members!

Constitutional amendments did pass, Morgan will put it up on the website and give it to Amyrillis[?]

We finally got our podcast up, it is now time for another one. We want to interview Lacharite about the US shutdown.

EDC, we forgot to re-email Dr. Young. Assad is no longer controversial. New Idea “What the f*** is up America” or we could just wait a month and something else will go wrong in Syria. Greece=Germany? US shutdown will be the EDC. We will ask Dr. Young. Podcast will be Greece.

We still need to clear out the books, take what you want

Game of Thrones Pub Night, we have about 15 tickets paid for. Costs seem to be covered by now, this looks like a money-maker. Event will run 6 to close.

Bake Sale? We should, money for CPSSA. We should try for the NUGSS AGM again, more traffic.

Clubs Room situation? Might be in the AGM…

Bowling night, Dr. Wilson seems to like this, it will be brought up at the next faculty meeting. We will put this in November sometime.

MUN has been forwarded to various clubs, we will be setting up a formal framework now.

CPSSA: We hope we can get more funding this time, we will also have to fundraise ourselves. Also plane tickets to London are cheap right now.

Young Liberals are hosting a partisan event tonight at Riley’s, starts at 6.

Meeting adjourned

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Meeting of September 26th

In attendance: Kelley, Adam, Jeff, Jordan, Nakita, Gerald, Morgan, Michala,

Called to order at 1:05

AGM, will be on Monday at 5:30, we need to buy pizza, some vegetarian, just order random pizza. An executive decision will be made. Nakita will talk to the POLS 100 people.

Dr. Young has been contacted about EDC but we haven’t heard from him yet.

The Fraser Institute has invited some people to a student seminar for public policy. They pay the expenses down to Vancouver. There is one October 18-20, the deadline has passed but has been extended, the second is January 31 to February 1.

Contact info: enquiries at or 1-800-665-3558 ext. 533

MUN has not gotten any further yet, we are talking to interested groups.

Books, clubs hearings are going on so Kelley will be getting rid of them next week, until then it is a free for all.

Podcast, we are having a hard time getting it up. Jordan suggests SoundCloud. Adam hopes to have it up by the weekend.

Game of Thrones Pub night on October 15th. Gerald is on prizes for the contests. Pedra is on posters and FB, we need to book a table and print tickets. It is coming along nicely

Gary seems interested in the Bowling Night idea. The idea is late October or late November, right after midterms. Saturday nights maybe, and which bowling lanes? We will be doing 5 pin to be patriotic. Morgan is on posters for the bowling night.

CPSSA, we apologize to our youngsters who could not go to the social events but it really is missing a lot of the experience if you can’t. It is really nice though so we will support anyone’s decision to go. The external can’t provide any funding but he has forwarded the application to the provost. The faculty is continuing to be supportive. We should also contact those involved in the centennial of the city and the anniversary of the University. Jeff will help put up one hell of a presentation.

Meeting adjourned

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First Meeting of the Year!

In attendance: Kelley, Mark (briefly), Megan, Adam, Morgan, Michala, Seth, Nikita, Corinne, David, Gerald was late, Chelsea (also was late), Laura, Camilla, Shohei

Called to order at 1:01

Gerald was late


US Consul General and Public Affairs Officer meeting was nice. They talked about doing talks through skype or some similar technology. This might be good for an EDC.

EDC topics: Syria and Chemical Weapons with Dr. Young, we will look at this one.

AGM: September 30th is a Monday, this would be a good time to get 1st years.  Gerald will look at getting a room

Model UN: this had died as a club, Gerald wants to run this as a joint project between a number of Student Societies. Megan has the ISSA on board, Morgan will talk to History, Gerald will talk to the debate society.

The clubs room: what should be done with the books, De Weil donated them so we maybe should get his clearance before we do anything.

FB, Website and Whatnot, we need to get these properly updated with the podcast.

A couple requests from the faculty. Upper division students connecting with grad students and alumni for the purposes of mentorship

Pub night, goal is one per semester. This one will be joint with the Medieval Club, it will be Game of Thrones Themed on Tuesday October 15th. There will be a costume contest, trivia, bobbleheads and whatnot.

CPSSA, we will start focus on this early. This is a yearly conference held in late January. This one is in London, Ontario on International Justice. We will be presenting a bid again, we want to send between four and eight delegates. Cost estimates are $300 for the conference and Air Canada has flights for $600 right now.

We need a name for the podcast, email us your suggestions or talk to someone.

Nikita is the new First Year Rep! Yay!

Chelsea suggested bowling. We will do something like what the NHSS does. We will make a play on the name Bowling Alone.

Meeting adjourned

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