PSSA Executive

President: Temporarily vacant


VP Finance/Internal: Alex Pinette

Alex Pinette is has been at UNBC for three years, and has been involved with the PSSA for nearly the entire time.  He is looking forward to growing the club, both in membership and financially.

VP External: Toni Monkman


Initiatives Director: Wendel Schwab

Wendel Schwab will be attending UNBC as a graduate student beginning in the 2016-2017 year.  As an undergraduate student Wendel was engaged on campus as an undergraduate student representative on senate.  He looks forward to planning events for the PSSA, such as eat, drink, and be controversial nights as well as pub nights.

First Year Representative: TBD

At the beginning of each year, the executive searches for a first year student who can act as a representative for first year students in the Association, to bring their will to the board, and to relay the decisions of the board to the first year body.